Thursday,24th January 2019

Thursday, 24th January, 2019

Eight killed in Texas shooting

Authorities in Texas say that at least eight people are dead, including a gunman, after a shooting at a home in the city of Plano.

The shooting occurred on Sunday night during what has been reported as a party to watch a Dallas Cowboys football match in the neighbourhood of the city which lies less than 20 miles north-east of Dallas.

According to one witness interviewed by a Fox News affiliate, a man arrived at the house and had an argument with a woman outside before drawing an automatic weapon and starting to shoot.

The witness, Crystal Sugg, said: “I seen a man argue with a woman. They were standing outside and they’re arguing. The woman was trying to go back in and as she was going back in the house you seen the man pull out his gun and starting just releasing.

“He just started letting them go. It was an automatic. You could hear it go off multiple times, you could hear it just ring off.”

Plano police spokesman David Tilley said police initially responded to a report of shots fired.

When the first officer arrived and went inside the home, the officer confronted the suspected shooter. Tilley said the officer opened fire, killing the suspect.

Two others were injured in the shooting. Their conditions have not been released.

The victims and suspect have not yet been identified and any relationship between the suspect and victims is unknown. All of those killed and injured are believed to be adults.

An investigation is ongoing. Source: The Guardian


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