Thursday,24th January 2019

Thursday, 24th January, 2019

New minister Miyakoshi in charge of 8 posts in reshaped Abe Cabinet

After Prime Minister Shinzo Abe replaced members of his Cabinet in an Oct. 2 reshuffle, Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi became minister for promoting the dynamic engagement of all citizens as well as seven other posts, the most among members of the Cabinet. On Oct. 3 when he took over the jobs from three former ministers a confused Miyakoshi said, “There are many fields which I haven’t learned about.”

Miyakoshi is a veteran member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and has a heavy influence on agricultural policy. He served as a special adviser to the prime minister in the third reshuffled Abe Cabinet.

Miyakoshi was also appointed as minister of state for Okinawa and Northern Territories affairs; minister in charge of administrative reform; minister in charge of civil service reform; minister in charge of territorial issues; minister of state for consumer affairs and food safety; minister of state for measures for the declining birthrate; and minister of state for ocean policy.

While the centerpiece policy of the administration is promoting the dynamic engagement of all citizens, Okinawa and Northern Territories affairs have also become important tasks following the crushing defeat of Atsushi Sakima, the LDP-backed candidate, in the recent Okinawa gubernatorial election, and the diplomatic chaos surrounding the Northern Territories issue. In addition, Miyakoshi is also responsible for policies that are closely related to the general public.

An official of the prime minister’s office said, “I’m not worried about him because he is very experienced, that’s why he is in charge of so many fields.”

Miyakoshi expressed delight after Abe called him on Oct. 2 to notify him of his new posts — his first in a Cabinet. However, after he mentioned five of his positions he said, “I will serve more posts than the ones I mentioned. I couldn’t write them all down.”

After Abe encouraged him, Miyakoshi said at an Oct. 3 news conference with a nervous look, “I will do my best.”


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