Thursday,21st March 2019


Japanese beef is gaining fans abroad, but are they eating it wrong?

Wagyu is gaining a following far beyond Japan, but diners in the West may be missing out on the best of its flavor. This premium beef, it turns out, is not really cut out for steaks. In the Japanese...Full News..

‘Pregnancy rotas’ add to working women’s woes

Sayako had been trying to conceive a second child for two years when her boss at a Japanese daycare centre suggested she stop because she had missed her "turn". Sayako, who spoke to AFP using a...Full News..

AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors: study

A computer was better than human dermatologists at detecting skin cancer in a study that pitted human against machine in the quest for better, faster diagnostics, researchers say. A team from...Full News..

Bangladesh 10th highest number of HIV deaths in Asia

Bangladesh recorded the 10th highest number of deaths from HIV/AIDS among Asian countries in 2016, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has revealed. According to the recent...Full News..

At Least 62 HIV Positive Rohingya Refugees identified BD government

Rohingya refugee Senoara Khatun knew nothing about HIV/AIDS until doctors found the immunodeficiency virus in her bloodstream, days after the expectant mother and her husband escaped to Bangladesh...Full News..

Unhealthy lifestyle causes sexual dysfunction in men: Survey

Nearly 20% of young adults and middle-aged men in the national capital have consulted a doctor with concerns of sexual dysfunction including reduced drive, frequency or satisfaction issues, a survey...Full News..

Roundtable held on regional cancer centres

A roundtable discussion was organised by the Centre for Cancer Prevention and Research (CCPR) and Rotary Club of Dhaka on the importance of establishing a regional cancer centre in the National Press...Full News..

Vitamin D supplements may help manage pain

Vitamin D supplements, combined with good sleeping habits, could help manage pain-related conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, menstrual cramps and chronic back pain, says a study. The...Full News..

Major HIV vaccine trial in South Africa stokes hope

After decades of shadowboxing with the human immunodeficiency virus, researchers were encouraged four years ago when a test of a vaccine on 16,000 people in Thailand turned up a previously unknown...Full News..

BBC places Japanese cancer blogger 100 Women 2016

The BBC has included a high-profile Japanese cancer blogger in its list of 100 Women of the Year. The British public broadcaster names 100 influential and inspirational women around the world...Full News..

NHS cancer testing ‘at breaking point’

Pathology departments in NHS hospitals around the UK are struggling to cope with rising requests for cancer tests, Cancer Research UK has warned. Without more staff to meet the demand, long waits...Full News..

5 tips to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy

Expecting mothers should go for pregnancy-friendly exercises and should get comfortable maternity gear for working out, says an expert. Yuvraj Randhawa, gym trainer and owner of Health Plus gym...Full News..

Natural remedies for chronic pain

Hi Sandra. My partner suffers from complex regional pain syndrome. Are there any plant medicines that can be used to help with chronic pain? Thank you for your question. Complex regional pain...Full News..

Study: Skin patch could help kids with peanut allergies

A wearable skin patch may help children who are allergic to peanuts by delivering small doses of peanut protein, according to a new study that calls for the therapy to be further explored. The...Full News..